Electronic Trasformers
Supply Voltage Output voltage Power Code Schedule_400Kb
230 Vac 12V from 35 W to 60 W TE01041 .:Download_PDF:.
from 35 W to 80 W TE01042 .:Download_PDF:.
230 Vac 12V from 35 W to 60 W TE01011 .:Download_PDF:.
from 35 W to 100 W TE01013 .:Download_PDF:.
230 Vac 12V from 20 W to 75 W TE01070 .:Download_PDF:.
from 35 W to 105 W TE01071 .:Download_PDF:.
from 75 W to 150 W TE01072 .:Download_PDF:.
from 75 W to 200 W TE01073 .:Download_PDF:.

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